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Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Collision Specialists in Fresno, California

At Rosendahl's Auto Body INC we employ certified welders who carry out aluminum repair on damaged vehicles on behalf of customers in and around Fresno, California.

Currently, aluminum repair is only available to clients with Lexus, Ford or Chrysler vehicles. Repairing a damaged section is normally done by cutting out a piece of aluminum, removing it, then welding it back together. If the damage is too great then it will have to be replaced.

Our expert mechanics use special welding tools ensure we do the best job possible of fixing the damage. Once we see your car and the extent of the damage we are dealing with, then we will order the required aluminum. We will also give you a rough estimate of how much the process will cost.

Normally this type of work is necessary when a motorist is involved in a collision. Depending on how bad the damage is dictates how long the job will take. The longest we have ever spent on repairing a damaged car is between one and two weeks, and that was a full aluminum replacement.

We are certified with Ford and we can repair almost any kind of damage on the aluminum exterior surface of your car including dashes, scratches and dents. At our premises in Fresno we have a dedicated room for aluminum repairs and replacements. The only vehicles we work with are cars and trucks.

If you live in or around Fresno and the aluminum exterior of your vehicle has been damaged in a collision then come to Rosendahl's Auto Body INC and get it fixed by the professionals. Call us today on (559) 981-8541 to set up an appointment.

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